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IoT Platform for Wearables

IoT Platform for Wearables

This is a miniature platform for quickly prototyping wearable electronic products. It provides built-in BLE and WiFi connectivity, sensor data acquisition, audio playback and recording, and supports various industry-standard communication protocols. This solution can significantly expedite the wearable product testing process, reducing it from weeks to days. View full details

AJProTech introduces an IoT Development Kit for Wearables, streamlining wearable design process. This miniature platform features Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) data streaming from variety of embedded sensors.

The platform logs and transmits sensor data to the Mobile App. Hardware and Firmware are designed to start collecting sensor data out of the box and can be customized for final application requirements.

The IoT platform allows quickly prototype electronic products, offering BLE connectivity with sensor data logging and streaming. Supports Li-Po/Li-Ion batteries from 25mA to 1000mA at 4.2V that can be charged with USB-C connector.

AJProTech wearable kit reduces the time to test wearable concepts from months to days. AJProTech wearable kit comes pre-programmed with an embedded software stack and mobile application that can be used as-is during prototyping and customized for full-scale commercial products


SoC: nRF52832 ultra-low power SoC with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) is ideal for IoT and wearable devices.

Wireless interface: BLE 5.0 for real-time and on-demand sensor data streaming up to 921 Kbps.

Components: Includes dual accelerometers, IMU, compass, barometer, temperature and humidity sensor, and blood oxygen sensor.

Time-stamping of data: All data is timestamped with millisecond accuracy for synchronization.

Memory & Data: 64 Mbit Ample storage with efficient sleep mode.

LiPoBattery: Support for Li-Po/Li-Ion from 25mA to 1000mA at 4.2V

Mounting: two hooks for strap integration or custom enclosure.

Power: USB-C with adjustable battery charge settings and protection.

Dimensions: 1.3×1.5×0.2 in
 33x38x6 mm



  • Companion mobile app available on iOS and Android
  • View sensor data in graph format or save to a file
  • Start data acquisition, control LEDs and haptic feedback
  • Over-The-Air Firmware update


  • IMU ICM-42670-P
  • Accelerometer MC3419
  • Accelerometer high-G H3LIS200DL
  • Compass AK09915
  • Barometer LPS331APTR
  • Temperature and Humidity AHT21
  • Blood oxygen MAX30102
  • Memory 64 Mbit W25Q64
  • Two addressable RGB LEDs
  • Vibration motor
  • External RGB Led connector
  • External SWD + UART connector
  • External Battery connector
  • External I2C connector
  • On/Off button
  • Two user buttons
  • Companion smartphone app

Connectivity: expansion ports (I2C, UART, USB) for external sensors and control elements.

DeepSleep mode: power consumption less than 1 nA.